Saturday, 14 March 2009

Abruzzo nel cuore

When we sit at the table in Abruzzo the joy is big, the landscape appears each time as a flash, reflecting the courses of the food, so the sea, so the pastures, so the yard, so the mountains, so the incredible sunsets. 
Here the work is always very sweaty and deserves reward.
Finally in the cooking there is freedom, autonomy to play, to make music. 
The personality of the meats allows the entry of the orchestra. 
If we returned home and we find the company of the chimney and fire, than we throw ourself to the ground on a rug or chair, then the variety of liquor could dazed . 
This coarseness, in fact, hides the pleasure for the nature of this warm hospitality. 
It is not a random that the mission conducted by the Abruzzese cooks for centuries from their land in the world to spread the civilization of the table.
In the kitchen and on the table is pure art, without limit of time.
An hypothetical menu Abruzzese, made of cold cuts, maccaroni alla chitarra, charlgrilled peppers, does not suffer some of reverence for anyone. 
I hope that this might be clear to know a little bit more about l 'Abruzzo that we walk and walked for years.

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  1. My Great Grandma was from Abruzzo. What a nice post!