Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tagliatelle al nero di Seppia(Squid black Ink)

Tagliatelle al Nero di seppia(Squid black ink)


500g Tagliatelle pasta,
Fresh Squids as much you like,
Black ink from the squids,
1 glove of garlic,
Fresh parslaey,
White wine (1/2glass),
200g Tomato sauce (italian passata),
salt and pepper,
X.V. Olive oil

In a large pot lithly brown the garlic with the olive oil.
Than add the Squids and let them brown a bit , than add the ink and stiring add the white wine.
Keep it stiring for 2-3 minutes till it reduce but not too much..
Ok, now add the tomato sauce(italian passata), ajust it with salt and pepper and leave it to cook for about 15 minutes (medium flame) and finish.
Boil the tagliatelle pasta, season them with nero di seppia sauce and top it up with the fresh parslay. Serve hot, 4 people.

aOnce again italian cooking guide wish you BUON APPETITO and hope to spend more time on the blog...