Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Linguine with Aubergines

Linguine with Aubergine

ingredients: 500g of linguine,
                      1 aubergine,
                      4 fresh tomatoes,
                      1/4 of onion,
                      parmisan cheese,
                      olive oil,
                      salt - black pepper

Wash the tomatoes and the aubergine and dry them. On a chopping board, chop the onion and slice the aubergine and the tomatoes in cubes.
In a large pan brown the chopped onion in olive oil, add the aubergine and leave cook for 2 minutes.
Now you can add the tomatoes in cubes, season with salt and black pepper and leave it to cook for 7-10 minutes. Before finish cooking the sauce, add the basil and leave it to rest on a side.
Boil the linguine and when ready season with the aubergine sauce topped with parmisan cheese. Serve hot.(4 people)


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  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'll be a follower of yours since I simply love italian food and good new recipes. Thanks for this one. I'll try it.